1978 - 2014 - 2020 - 2021

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Ebeneser Voluntary Service rf. was founded in 1971 to support different missions. All earnings for the purpose was collected through flea market activities. In 1975, the business was expanded with a Christian bookstore and a café. Then located in Kokkola. On 11th of November, in 1978, Allkristet Bokhandel started their bookstore in Vaasa and has ever since served customers with Christian literature and music until year 2013. Right before Christmas in 2014, a POP-UP Book Café was arranged in its place, and with products from Allkristet. This was done by parishioners from the Mission Church in Vaasa. The renovation of the premises continued during January to March, and a new name was chosen for the business; More than Coffee. The doors opened on Saturday, March 21st, year 2015 . This was a fresh start with a new association name (MissionsCentret in Vaasa rf.) And with the working name More Than Coffee. Ingvor Huhtamäki, who had been managing the store for many years, continued as store manager of the new book café. On May 5th in 2017, Maria Stratton took over when Ingvor retired after a full 29 years at the weels! However, all employment ended on 31.12.2019 and during the following year (2020) the board members stood as responsible store staff. The Corona year reduced sales and the board faced a dilemma; Close or not… In August 2020, the board decided that the business would closed down and the final sale would start on the remaining stock. The weeks passed and new ideas came to life. “What if” … In October 2020, a couple of volonteers decided to try something new, put on a new suit, take a dare… The idea MORE THAN – Your Living Room , was developed and in a couple of weeks a project plan was made for the new, updated idea. Sanna Bertlin (Vice Chairman) & amp; Maj Häggdahl (volunteer) wrote a proposal, and the Board approved it on November the same year. All through January, 2021 the management team met a couple of times a week and planning started. In February, the opening date was set: Thursday, March 4, 2021 , the doors reopened to MORE THAN – Your Living Room . WELCOME!


Maj Häggdahl f. Kortell

14.11.1962 – 08.02.2021

You will never be forgotten.
In our hearts, you will forever remain.
Always look over us and shine on us from heaven.
We all know that you would enjoy eternity with our Lord.
God bless. – Love, from your sisters at MTC


Pics & Stuff

Over the years, people have come and gone, volunteers have disappeared on other exciting missions and new volunteers have filled their shoes.

Many events have been arranged and every autumn during the Night of Art we’ve had live music in our bookshop.


Sweets & salt


We have had many “bakers” over the years for our café shop. However, the one who overflowed us with most of the salt & amp; sugar road, is our dear Anna Ros from Stundars, Sulva. Feel free to visit her at or via her a href = “” target = “_ blank” rel = “noopener”> Facebook page